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    I need some help to convert these scrips from TC2000, is for an strategy that i have learned so i need them to implement.

    I have the same codes in ToS if it is easier to convert.

    I appreciate your help

    1. scripts.pdf
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    Yes please, add the ThinkOrSwim code too. Is it a strategy or an indicator? Do you have screenshots if it is an indicator to know how it looks?

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    Hi Nicolas.

    They are scaner and indicators. I ll try to get all information as I can.

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    Hi Nicolás . I was trying to do the code by myself so thats the way I could learn . Cause I’m traveling it get me more time .

    These codes are for some specific set ups so I need to find some specific patter in the macd and in the price action . I think I did them so now I’m finding the way how must I assemble all together

    But my doubt is the following . In the outcome of the scan could I include some columns with some information about the stock ? The column of the scan additionally to the normal information (ticket; change; etc) also should show me other columns with these information:

    * Average Volume

    * Float of the share

    * The outcome of this formula: max High in 52 weeks / Min Low in 52 weeks

    The model use technical and fundamentals. I attach a screenshot of how the outcome of the scan is shown in TC2000;

    Also I’m attaching the price action that I’ma looking for. Could the scan tell me which one these patter are they ? I have seen other script similar that tell you with numbers which patter it is

    Thanks for your help




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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