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    Hi all,

    I would like to know if there is any function on PRT that would notify the user (by email, broker app, etc) when the the preset conditions are met for a given instruments?

    For example, i would like to be notified when there is an engulfing pattern on 1H TF on DJI, then what should i do?



    Yes you can do above, I set it up as Volume > 30 on the 1 min TF on DJI and I have had 4 emails so far …  in the last 4 mins! 🙂

    Understandably the Alert has to be set up on a Market where volume is available … for example NOT Forex.

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    You should write an indicator that returns 1 when an engulfing pattern is detected, 0 otherwise, then set an alarm on that value ticking the notification box on the lower left corner of the alert window.

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    thanks for your suggestion @robertogozzi

    One more question, do I need to keep PRT awake for the notification to function normally?

    Or is it like ProOrder which runs on server?

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    I created the indicator accordingly, however PRT did not allow me to set up the alert if I check the email notification box. The alert works well if i uncheck the box.

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    My alert was correctly notified by email (demo IG account).

    I don’t know whether they work or not when the platform is shut. You should make a simple test.

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    Hi Roberto

    I have created a simple indicator above but the PRT does not allow email notification. Would you please try it out on your ig demo?

    I would contact PRT helpdesk if its my account’s problem. Thanks a lot.

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    It seems like email notifications are only supported for built-in indicators, not for custom made ones.

    The reason is likely to be that they are server based, thus working even when the platform is shut.

    PRT will answer what it is like.

    Please share their reply. Thank you.

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    email notification on custom indicator would be a powerful tool to manual trading. Maybe it would be included in PRT V11?

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    It is not included in v11. It would involved that your own custom indicator is run by a remote server when your platform is shutdown. Imagine the resource needed to make that possible for thousands of traders! 😉

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    I found the email alert was triggered only once then become inactive. Is it possible to set a repeating alarm everytime the condition is met?

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    what i am trying to achieve is to get an email notification each time when the volume exceeds a certain value ( e.g.20k) on the 1H TF.

    Is it possible on PRT?

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    You can try to sel an alert with the alert tool when this indicator returns 1 (>0):


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    I guess robertogozzi and I has tried and concluded that email notification is not available for custom indicators?

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    Yes that’s right, sorry! Email alerts are only available for standard indicators..

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    So it means that the request is a mission impossible on PRT?

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