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    Hi guys

    I am looking for some assistance in converting a pine script code of a WaveTrend Oscillator into Prorealtime. I have had a go myself, but to be fair have made a complete hash of it.

    I have attached the script and an image of the output.

    Many thanks in advance for the assistance and happy trading.


    1. WTO-Original-Code.txt
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    Same indicator as:

    but with different colors.


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    Hi Nicolas


    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, but I had already looked at the oscillator you have suggested, and unfortunately it’s much closer to a rehash of a Stochastic Momentum than it is the Wave Trend Oscillator I am looking for – I have attached a couple of screen shots for you to see.

    I appreciate that you are converting code for free, and do not want to take advantage, but If it is not possible to replicate the indicator i am looking for, then please do tell me and I will continue with my Tradingview subscription instead.


    Many Thanks


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    Of course that’s possible and you will gain your monthly fee of TV thanks to my free coding. Just wait a couple of hours and you’ll get your indicator for free.

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    Ok here it is, I hope you dont mind I did not code color gradient of the curves? Do you need also candle coloring like in the original code, your screenshot is only about the oscillator though ..

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    Hi Nicolas

    It is looking very close to being spot on, and is close enough for me to work with – thank you very much.

    What code would I need to add to make the different elements editable within the settings pop up of the indicator – for example Channel Length = x (i’ve attached a couple of images for explanation)

    Again, many thanks.


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    I published a more complete version with the settings available in the window, you can download now from the library: Wave Trend Oscillator

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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