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    how does one set up the strategy to stop trading after 1 profitable trade/ a certain number of trades?

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    To stop trading after 1 profitable trade:

    To stop after a certain number of trades:



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    awesome. thank you

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    how does one combine these 2 pieces of code so that the maximum number of trades is 2 but the system will stop after 1 profitable trade. So that if first trade is profitable, the second wont happen but if first is a loser then 1 more trade will be allowed


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    There you go:

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    thank you for this! i am learning fast!!


    i applied the code to my strategy but it still does more than the maximum of 2 trades per day and it isnt stopping once profitable. have i put it in wrong?


    attached is list of orders and code







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    It open as many trades as MAXTRADES.  It’s 3 now, but you can change it as needed.


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    …but on 12th , there were 6 trades, so not sure code is working

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    This code is working as expected on DAX, 1-min, 5-min, 15-min TFs, etc…

    I suggest that you either post your code, or use mine, simply replacing MyConditions with yours.

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    amazing!! thank you for your time and patience!




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    hi roberto


    1 more question……!


    i have 2 strategies that i have made/ am using with a degree of success and they are both good on back testing. I would like another set of eyes to have a look at them and see where i can improve them. Would be happy to pay for that service! is there anyone you could recommend? would you have a look? should i just post them on a forum and see what people say?! alex

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    You can either post your code or apply for paid services at


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