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    Hi – i’m wanting an indicator that has ATR as a % of price that I can have below my chart – same as current ATR chart but instead of vertical axis being price, have vertical axis as ATR % of price

    Many Thx for everyone’s help



    Welcome to the forums! 🙂


    That is awesome and very kind – thanks so much

    Do you mind if I ask how to add a 10 period weighted moving average line through the ATR indicator you have just given me the code for

    Many thanks for your help – really appreciate



    Should be like:

    (not tested).


    many thx – i have attached output – is it possible to have it look like the bottom ATR indicator in the attachment

    but with a red line running through it being the 1o period WMA

    many thx again for your help




    You change how any indicator looks by clicking on the wrench/spanner in the top left corner. Change line colours, thicknesses and add colour zones etc


    mant thx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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