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    I’ve not looked at financials for a while but have decided to test out some ideas again.

    Last time I looked it wasn’t possible to execute trades in real time, but always ‘next bar open’. Having fired up it appears to still be the same? So if you want to trade a new bar high / low it will trade on next bar open assuming the prior bar high / low was taken out. Obviously not how you would trade this in real time. This can work for daily strategies since you can reference daily bars, but wouldn’t work for lower time frames.

    If someone says this is possible could they post a short code snippet to show my how to get it to execute please?




    trade a new bar high / low it will trade on next bar

    New bar high / low would be same as previous bar high / low apart from a few miliseconds price movement?

    Also what time frame are you trading / wanting to trade?  Say for example 5 min TF then you can execute the trade on a 1 sec TF if you want so the instant (1 sec) the 5 min TF condition is met then the trade is triggered the very next 1 second.

    Look at Multi Time Frame for more info.


    Thanks, but is that the case for IG trading? (Apologies, should have said)

    So MTF trading has been implemented for the standalone PRT package? But only for strategies and back testing? Can we trade that live anywhere?




    Send an email to IG requesting MTF (still beta version) to be activated on your real account.


    many thanks.


    no doubt i’ll be back with some routine code questions…


    anyone know when the ‘bugs’ with MTF will be fixed and new requests for access to MTF via IG activated?



    I don’t know about this bug resolving ETA, but as far as I know, MTF is still planned to be officially released in November..


    thanks Nicolas.

    IG saying some bugs with MTF so no new accounts being switched on currently.

    Is there an official date for launch?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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