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    I want to buy when price cross over x+30, x+60, x+90 and so on only one contact at each price

    I tried this code, but this is buying more than one contract a each price(when price retracement happens)

    what is the correct code to buy only contact at tradeprice+30 when price moves in my favour



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    It continuously buy new order because if your are already above the price you ask, the order is triggering automatically, so you have to check first if you are below the next +30 points step and place your pending order:



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    rama – I tidied up your post. Please try to remember to use the Insert PRT Code button when posting code. 🙂

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    And with % of price???

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    I am running the above code now, I will update the results, I expect it to place only 1 order at 30 points rise on the market

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    With percentage of price, you can try with this code snippet:


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    I want to try only on

    initial order at price x=0

    then on x+30, x+60 etc


    the problem I am facing is system by first at x =0

    next orders is placed when price is crossing over x=30, then price come below x+30 and crosses over x+30 another other is placed

    if want to place 4 orders

    one order is placed at x=0

    then the remaining at x+30 when price is crossed over x+30 the bear in mind that I am trading in 2 seconds time frame


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    It should never trade the same level because it always uses the last trade open price to place the next order at +30 points. It works, I just made the test.


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    code seems to be working partially, I have added the target profit 41.6 then it skipped some orders

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    You should check it visually on the price chart to understand why an order was not set at some steps.

    I think that your condition is not correctly formatted, try with:


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    code seems to be working fine, I want


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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