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I’ve had a StreamDeck for a few days now and so thought that I would give my thoughts on it – a sort of review. I am not really a manual trader but can instantly see that as a tool to give instant instructions to the PRT platform it will be very powerful and very intuitive. When you switch to your PRT platform your PRT buttons that you have chosen instantly show on the StreamDeck which is a very nice touch. The buttons are little LCD screens and very clear and very responsive so for a manual trader saving on several mouse clicks to perform an action such as buy, sell etc would be much faster.

One negative is the stand which is a bit plasticky and fiddly but OK unless you want to move the StreamDeck around a lot in which case you might knock a support away very easily and spend a bit too much time standing it up again!

One thing that has turned out to be a very big benefit of the StreamDeck is that you can set lots of different profiles (sets of buttons) and set them to automatically show on the buttons when an app is launched or to launch an app. So for example if I start a video on my favourite mediaplayer the StreamDeck can instantly show me all the buttons that let me play, stop, pause, volume up, volume down etc. If I open a browser then it can show me buttons that let me access all my favourite websites with just one click. Even if the browser is not open then I can just select my ‘website’ profile and and click on the website I want and it will launch my browser with that website.

I even have profiles set up so that at the click of a button a timer will start that sounds an alarm when my boiled eggs are ready or another timer when my pasta is cooked. I also have a profile where the buttons tell me all the times in the major trading markets right now. The potential to save on mouse movements and clicks seems huge.

When I heard about the StreamDeck I thought it was just another toy but after just a few days I have been persuaded that it is a very useful tool. Now if they had just made it bluetooth to get rid of the USB wire and improved the stand it would get 10/10 instead of 9/10 from me.

I was very doubtful when I first read about the StreamDeck of how useful it would actually be in real life but after just a few days I am wondering how I lived without it!

If you want to use your StreamDeck for trading with PRT then you should be aware that it only works on v11.

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