Trend Breakout

Trend Breakout

Good Day Everyone

This is probably the craziest strategy I have ever written. It is based on diagonal trend line breakouts. The trend lines are calculated from the extreme of the highest/lowest pivot to the extreme of the next highest/lowest point in the trend. The calculation uses the Tan trigonometry function to calculate the size of the angle between the pivot extreme and the close of the last bar. Violation of the trend line triggers a new stop order and trend direction.

Below the code as adapted for the EUR/USD Mini on the 1Hr timeframe:

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  1. Francesco78 • 09/08/2017 #

    very interesting idea! thanks

  2. Francesco78 • 09/08/2017 #

    would you mind to specify what are the optimized parameters? many thanks

  3. juanj • 09/08/2017 #

    Optimize parameters:

    1. Outside market hours (line 9)
    2. Highest Point of Violation look back period (line 98 and 102)
    3. ATR period and multiplication factor (line 99 and 103)
    4. Bollinger Standard Deviation (line 120)
    5. Bollinger Period (line 125)

  4. Francesco78 • 09/08/2017 #

    Thank you!

  5. juanj • 09/08/2017 #

    @Nicolas @Wing @Francesco78 I am thinking of ways to make the strategy more robust but will require visual cue’s to assist me in analyzing the strategy. Can one of you possibly assist me in graphing the lines? I will require each revision of the trend line (i.e. every time the trend line is updated it needs to be graphed). This will help me better determine when is the best time to update the trend line and/or when it can be considered violated. Thanx

    • Nicolas • 09/08/2017 #

      Should be better with an indicator. As long as we can determined at least 2 coordinates for each line.

  6. juanj • 09/08/2017 #

    The last fractal will be coordinate 1 and the high/low of the candle that generates an angle greater than the previous angle will be coordinate 2

  7. juanj • 09/08/2017 #

    And the point of violation is the close of the candle that violates the line by generating an angle greater than the current angle and closes opposite the active trend

  8. juanj • 09/08/2017 #

    For the latest version of the strategy or to follow updates and developments see the thread here:

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