Momentum-Range Differential Acceleration Momentum-Range Coefficient Acceleration

Momentum-Range Differential Acceleration Momentum-Range Coefficient Acceleration


This is a pair of trading systems that both work on the same premise. The only difference between them is that once system uses a differential (system#1) whilst the other system uses a coefficient (system#2) to measure rapid changes in price action. Although the example submitted here is optimised for EUR_USD M15 (Long only), the system is market agnostic and can be adapted for a selection of markets / asset classes. For quickness of illustration purposes I have included only the long version here which should be enough to demonstrate the premise; Due to the differences between bull and bear price action any short adaptationist should be forked with separate optimizations for the short side.

Trading System premise

There exists a good probability of continuation of price action when the following pattern is found:
1. Short term average range / momentum is accelerating by a certain amount faster than long term average range / momentum (AKA increasing differential)
2. Short term moving average (AKA trend) is moving in the same direction as price action


For more information about the underlining entry system indicator see my indicator here:
This can be used to predict an increase in volatility.


Thorough and regular optimization is required. Current optimization here is for EUR_USD M15


This is not a complete “black box” trading system. There is no risk management or exception handling code. This back test is purely to demonstrate risk:reward and hit rate of the above premise. Open to all suggestions. For any questions please discuss in a forum topic.

System 1/ (differential system)

System 2/ (coefficient system)


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Risk disclosure:

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  1. Nicolas • 04/18/2017 #

    I’d like to fork this one! anyone else? 🙂
    You should open now a new thread Maz!

    • Maz • 04/18/2017 #

  2. Francesco78 • 04/18/2017 #

    Thank you. 
    Any chance to do 200,000 bars backtest with the same variables?

  3. Oskar Bergvall • 04/18/2017 #

    I get good results on USD/SEK also. Will try it if I can.
    One problem though, on my demoaccount on IG I get when trying to autotrade: “Replace variables with specific values: To prepare this strategy for automatic tradin, remove all variables from the “ProBacktest” section of the programming window and replace these variables with specific numeric values in the code of the trading system.”

    • Maz • 04/18/2017 #

      Yep it requires you to move optimized variables into hard coded constants. Remove the variable optimizer and put them in the code instead

    • Oskar Bergvall • 04/18/2017 #

      Maz: Yes but I don’t understand how. The values seems fixed already. Sorry I’m new in programming. 

    • Maz • 04/18/2017 #

      Just remove the variable optimizer

    • Oskar Bergvall • 04/18/2017 #

      Which one is it? I tried to comment it out but same error. 

  4. victormork • 04/18/2017 #

    I’m not getting any trades from system one. Any suggestions of what I might do wrong?

  5. victormork • 04/18/2017 #

    The first one works on DAX, but on currency pairs I get no trades 🙁 and yes I’m using EUR/USD 15min

  6. victormork • 04/18/2017 #

    When I tried this system on demo it was stopped due to division of zero. Anyone who got the same result or ideas on how to prevent this?

    • Maz • 04/18/2017 #

      Just wrap the indicator code in a 
      if barIndex >= max(mcLongPeriod, rcLongPeriod) then...endif

  7. victormork • 04/18/2017 #

    @GraHal shall we move this to the forum thread advised above?

  8. Maz • 04/18/2017 #

    Thanks guys. Please see forum post for more details. I encourage you guys to play / pull it apart / build on top / suggest improvements. 

  9. Pierluigi Cavagnoli • 04/18/2017 #

    It works well even short on EUR/USD 15 min. I did this way: maLong / maShort instead of maShort / maLong  see the code.
    Could it be a case of over-optimization?
    What do you think about this ?
    mShort = momentum[7]
    mLong = momentum[100]
    mc = max(0, (abs(mLong) / abs(mShort)) -1)
    // ----------------------------------- //

    // Range Coefficient ================= \\
    r = abs(range)
    arLong = average[max(1, 100)](r)
    arShort = average[max(1, 4)](r)
    rc = max(0, (arLong / arShort) -1)

  10. Wilko • 04/18/2017 #

     Nice method of making linked AND-statements more readable!

  11. Wilko • 04/18/2017 #

    And not only readable…. makes it much easier to iterate different entry/exit-conditions, deleting and adding conditions during development of algo.

  12. IGOSNELL • 04/18/2017 #

    Interesting strategy, when I used $ M-R Dif EURUSD M15 Long if does not enter any positions, any clue why?
    The coef one does work thought on the EURUSD

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