IDNR2 pattern strategy on DAX 1 h

IDNR2 pattern strategy on DAX 1 h

I just wrote this strategy

It works very well on dax 1 h

It is based on the IDNR pattern with 2 periods instead of 4

As filter It uses the following: the squeze of the bollinger band (band width < lowest[period]) , adx > min and atr[1] > atr[period]

As trailing stop I used a code that I found in this library

It does not seem over fitted because changing parameters the result remains good and also It seems to work quite well on FTSE MIB 1 h too

However It seem to me that It makes too few trades on the historic that I have available to be sure of its reliability

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  1. Francesco78 • 243 days ago #

    Grazie! it is beautiful indeed

  2. Francesco78 • 237 days ago #

    Made good money today 🙂

  3. JR1976 • 236 days ago #

    IT’ s seems intersting Code 
    Could be more interesting if someone has a back test since before 2013  ?

  4. DarioMazza • 231 days ago #

     It work very well, thank u so much for share it

  5. Wilko • 229 days ago #

    I hate to potentially spoil the party, but the concept appeared so interesting that I decided tp test it on several other major developed market equity indices (without any spreads and/or commissions). Unfortunately I can report that it appears to be almost consistently negative, to such a degree that I am tempted to test it in reversal.

  6. Wilko • 229 days ago #

    First of all, many thanks for sharing! These shares are much appreciated.
    I hate to potentially spoil the party, but the concept appeared so interesting that I decided tp test it on several other major developed market equity indices (without any spreads and/or commissions). Unfortunately I can report that it appears to be almost consistently negative, to such a degree that I am tempted to test it in reversal.

  7. CKW • 227 days ago #

    Thanks Pier!
    Excellent! I add the SL capped at 0.8% for safety purpose. The Backtest performance is still very good .

  8. JR1976 • 221 days ago #

    Dear Pier , 
    your screenshot which rappresent the backtest , is since dec 2009 , but the equity curve in other picture is from 2013
    DO you have the equity line wich rappresente the algo code  before  2013  ?
    nice work

  9. CKW • 212 days ago #

    Dear Pier,
    Does it work on forex?

  10. bobrenard96 • 172 days ago #

    sorry, but your strategie doesn’t work.
    When i implement the file, i have the error : backtest.limit.optimisation.occurrence.teasing

    • Nicolas • 171 days ago #

      It’s a platform error, nothing to deal with the code. Did you tried to download the itf file and import it rather than copy paste it?

  11. gackeen • 148 days ago #

    Scusa Pier, scusate tutti, sono nuovo. Ho caricato il file e mi viene restituito il messaggio “Il suo Probacktest supera il limite di occorrenze per l’ottimizzazione Walf Forward” .

  12. JR1976 • 110 days ago #

    HI Nicolas ,
    I tried to copy paste but not import directly and the code works well
    I have a question about the code, because , did’t appears the equity line from 2009 .
    Do you have the possibility to show it ? ( the author doesn’r response)

  13. mcosta • 104 days ago #

    This code doesn’t work on 10.3 platform(IG), neither with copy/paste nor with itf import, any suggestion?

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