EURUSD volatility breakout strategy

EURUSD volatility breakout strategy

Hi everyone.

I came up with this relatively simple strategy that gives nice results on EUR/USD and DAX on a 1 hour and 30 min timeframes.

The idea behind is the following:

I define the quantity of averagerange that represent the average of the last 3 days high/low range on price.

  • I take a long position if the 1 period ATR crosses above the averagerange ¬†with a corresponding bull candle (volatility break on the upside)
  • I take a short position if the 1 period ATR crosses above the averagerange with a corresponding bear candle (volatility break on the downside)

Walk forward results are attached





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  1. ALE • 06/06/2017 #

    Thanks Francesco, another good idea!

    • Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #

      thank you Ale! Im starting to test it on other currency pairs and commodities and the results are quite promising. Ill open a thread once I have something concrete.

  2. ALE • 06/06/2017 #


  3. 897148 • 06/06/2017 #

    ¬†I have imported Francesco’s EUR/USD breakout system but unfortunately does not seem to work.
    I just copied and pasted into PRT but get  gains of $0.10 per winning trade and losses of $56.59 per losing trade ( 59.72% winning trades. This on 1hr chart over 20 months from 06 Oct 2015 to 13 June 2017. Overall loss of $1636.7

  4. Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #

    I think it has to do with how EURUSD is quoted. if you see EURUSD = 11218 then it should work. If you see EURUSD = 112.18 then you need to account for this difference in the definition of the profits taking level
    So you need to change the code in the follwing way
    line 35 
    ///exit conditions
    set target pprofit pr*100

  5. 897148 • 06/06/2017 #

    Thanks Francesco. Tried *100 ( no change) and *10000 ( improvement but still woeful).

  6. 897148 • 06/06/2017 #

    Francesco apologies. I had spread set for a South African Index system and hadn’t changed it.
    Seems OK now . Regards

  7. Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #


  8. PrinceMyshkin • 06/06/2017 #

    Hi Francesco, thanks for the interesting code.
    I am trying to learn to code and to improve my understanding of indicators. So, I have been trying to dissect other people’s codes. I’m still new so please forgive me if my comments are irrelevant!
    I was interested that you chose a 3 day (72hr) period for your ATR calc. Was there a theoretical reason for this?
    I have played around with the period and was interested by the results. Basically, efficiency improves (a bit) as the period increases (up to a point). Initially I was intrigued by this, but then after I thought about it I realised that I had probably just discovered that ATR doesn’t change much for EURUSD? Maybe I was effectively over optimising ATR. I suspect that the fact that your system works with a variety of ATR periods is a sign of robustness.
    p = 480 Gain 17.94%, Number of trades: 136, winning 58.82%, gain:loss 1.69, time in market 3.84%
    p= 600 G 20.15%, N o t: 137, winning 60.58%, g:l 1.82, t i m 3.88%
    p= 1200 G 22.95%, N o t: 130, winning 61.54%, g:l 1.99, t i m 3.66%
    p=2400 G 24.33%, N o t: 132, winning 59.85%, g:l 2.03, t i m 3.75%
    Also shorter p=14: G 24.95%, n o t: 248, winning 53.23%, g:l 1.67, t i m 6.51%
    Kind Regards

  9. Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #

    hello Prince Myshkin. Thank you for the time you spent on my code. Im currently travelling, will reply to your question next week.

  10. PrinceMyshkin • 06/06/2017 #

    Enjoy your travels!

  11. Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #

    Hi Prince Myshkin
    I was interested that you chose a 3 day (72hr) period for your ATR calc. Was there a theoretical reason for this?
    No, the 72hrs just represent a sort of average of the price range over the last 3 days. I did not optimize this variable as you can see from the code, it was just something I wanted to have a reference point.  The fact that the performance of the algo stay positive by changing the period is an encouraging fact, thanks for pointing that out.

  12. CKW • 06/06/2017 #

    Thanks Francesco for sharing.
    Equity curve in overall looks great and testing it on demo :). I observed some positions are in continuous losses e.g. Apr – Mid July 2017. I have tried optimized parameters but my case won’t improve the situation. Perhaps more filter may be required…

  13. Francesco78 • 06/06/2017 #

    Hi CKW thanks for your comment and for spending time on the steategies. The framework is very general and works on several assets. I think the best think is to employ many of this strategies to achieve diversification rather than trying to obtein the perfect equity curve on 1 single strategies. that being said any ideas will be mostly welcome! have a great day

  14. poonsl2828 • 06/06/2017 #

    Hi! Francesco

    I have test it on GBP/USD but it only have a trade on 9 Jun which i backtested it to current date of 2 Sep. How do i enable yr strategy to generate more trade.

  15. ullle73 • 06/06/2017 #

    why not use 1h chart? has 95% hitrate

  16. ullle73 • 06/06/2017 #

    i see most of positions are only 1 pip before exit?

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