Ichimoku Tenkan-Kijun Cross (screener)

Ichimoku Tenkan-Kijun Cross (screener)

This code is a screener for the famous “Tenkan-Kijun Cross” strategy.

Buy conditions :

Tenkan crosses over Kijun

Tenkan & Kijun > Kumo

Close > Kumo

Chikou > Kumo

Sell conditions : the opposite

You can also set it like an indicator, with “+1” for buy conditions, and “-1” for sell conditions.

It can be very useful if you like Ichimoku.

Of course, you can also try it with some other parameters, such as weak TKC on the opposite side of the Kumo, or inside the Kumo.

Use it well !

Happy Trading !

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  1. gino • 03/25/2016 #

    bonjour doctrading
    j’aurais voulus savoir si il vous était possible de faire un autre screener sur la base de l’ichimoku?
    un qui indiquerais uniquement le croisement a la hausse de la tenkan sur la kijun. 
    j’ai essayé de reprendre le votre et de le modifier mais je n’y arrive pas je ne suis pas très douer
    merci par avance et aussi pour votre travail sur ce site.

  2. Doctrading • 03/25/2016 #

    Voilà le code. Il est tellement simple que je ne l’ai pas vérifié.
    Bons trades 😉

    Tenkansen = (highest[9]+lowest[9])/2
    Kijunsen = (highest[26]+lowest[26])/2

    // ACHAT
    C1 = Tenkansen crosses over Kijunsen

    IF C1 THEN

    // VENTE
    C1v = Tenkansen crosses under Kijunsen

    IF C1v THEN


  3. gino • 03/25/2016 #

    merci beaucoup

  4. Olivier7 • 03/25/2016 #

    Hi Doctrading,

    Thank you very much for everything you have been doing on this site, it’s really helpful for newcomers.

    I’m trying to run a slightly modified version of your scan.

    But instead of matching “now” I would like the results to match a variable day in the past, (for example 7 days ago)…

    What I’m basically trying to achieve is to have :
    • Tenkan over the Kijun
    • Tenkan & Kijun > Kumo
    • Close > Kumo
    • Chikou > Kumo

    And this should match the 7th bar ago (not the current one..)

    I was wondering, is that actually possible to run a scan back in time ?

    Thank you for your help…

    So far I came up with this.

  5. Olivier7 • 03/25/2016 #

    // Original code
    // Ichimoku Tenkan-Kijun Cross (screener)
    // https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-market-screeners/ichimoku-tenkan-kijun-cross-screener/


    period1 = 9
    period2 = 26
    period3 = 52

    howManyDaysAgo = 7

    period1 = period1 + howManyDaysAgo
    period2 = period2 + howManyDaysAgo
    period3 = period3 + howManyDaysAgo

    Tenkansen = (highest[period1](Dclose(howManyDaysAgo)) + lowest[period1](Dclose(howManyDaysAgo))) / 2
    Kijunsen = (highest[period2](Dclose(howManyDaysAgo)) + lowest[period2](Dclose(howManyDaysAgo))) / 2

    SSpanA = (tenkansen[period2]+kijunsen[period2])/2
    SSpanB = (highest[period3](high[period2])+lowest[period3](low[period2]))/2

    Chikou = close[period2]

    // ACHAT
    C1 = close > SSpanA and close > SSpanB
    C2 = Tenkansen > Kijunsen
    C3 = Tenkansen > SSpanA and Tenkansen > SSpanB
    C4 = Kijunsen > SSpanA and Kijunsen > SSpanB
    C5 = Chikou > SSpanA[period2] and Chikou > SSpanB[period2]

    IF C1 and C2 and C3 and C4 and C5 THEN


  6. ipbvba • 03/25/2016 #

    erreur dans le code en ligne 2

  7. mvinter • 15 days ago #

    Hi Doctrading im trying to use your tenkansen Kijunsen crossover screener but keep getting message error in line 3 ??? any ides ???

    tenkansen = (highest[9]+lowest[9])/2
    Kijunsen = (highest[26]+lowest[26])/2

    SSpanA = (tenkansen[26]+kijunsen[26])/2
    SSpanB = (highest[52](high[26])+lowest[52](low[26]))/2

    Chikou = close[26]

    // ACHAT
    C1 = close > SSpanA and close > SSpanB
    C2 = Tenkansen crosses over Kijunsen
    C3 = Tenkansen > SSpanA and Tenkansen > SSpanB
    C4 = Kijunsen > SSpanA and Kijunsen > SSpanB
    C5 = Chikou > SSpanA[26] and Chikou > SSpanB[26]

    IF C1 and C2 and C3 and C4 and C5 THEN

    // VENTE
    C1v = close < SSpanA and close < SSpanB
    C2v = Tenkansen crosses under Kijunsen
    C3v = Tenkansen < SSpanA and Tenkansen < SSpanB
    C4v = Kijunsen < SSpanA and Kijunsen < SSpanB
    C5v = Chikou < SSpanA[26] and Chikou < SSpanB[26]

    IF C1v and C2v and C3v and C4v and C5v THEN


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