The StepRSI or the Step Relative Strength Index oscillator is made of a classic RSI with 2 others lines that are calculated upon its variation, the “step RSI fast” and the “step RSI slow”. These 2 lines are changing their values by doing steps, if the RSI has made variations of the “StepSize” parameters. This indicator can be used in different ways : breakout of RSI zone made by the RSI step lines or just use it as a filter of the whipsaws of the original oscillator. This indicator has been converted from MT4 version. ¬†



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  1. Polnet • 12/25/2016 #

    Gracias Nicolas, muy buen indicador

  2. rfsteve • 12/25/2016 #

    Nicolas what do you think of these modifications for 233 tick charts ?         cheers Steve.
    if barindex>C then
    smax=RSIBuffer +2.0*StepSizeFast
    smin=RSIBuffer -2.0*StepSizeFast
    if (trend[1]<=0 and RSIBuffer>smax[1]) then
    if (trend[1]>=0 and RSIBuffer<smin[1]) then
    if(trend>0) then
    if(smin<smin[1]) then
    if(trend<0) then
    if(smax>smax[1]) then
    FastBuffer = result
    smaxSlow=RSIBuffer +2.0*StepSizeSlow
    sminSlow=RSIBuffer -2.0*StepSizeSlow
    if (trendSlow[1]<=0 and RSIBuffer>smaxSlow[1]) then
    if (trendSlow[1]>=0 and RSIBuffer<sminSlow[1]) then
    if(trendSlow>0) then
    if(sminSlow<sminSlow[1]) then
    if(trendSlow<0) then
    if(smaxSlow>smaxSlow[1]) then
    SlowBuffer = result

    RETURN RSIBuffer,FastBuffer,SlowBuffer,0

    • Nicolas • 12/25/2016 #

      Thanks for this modification, I still do not have tested it, where did you get this idea to build a RSI from a long term period TEMA of a CCI? 

    • rfsteve • 12/25/2016 #

      Trial and error from study of indicators call it coding mad science was trying to find an indicator close to price pattern but with useful divergence still like most indicators not much good in strong trends as you will discover Nicolas.

  3. Maxime Baudin • 12/25/2016 #

    Nice! Thanks ūüôā

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