Simple Moving Average Crossing Areas

Simple Moving Average Crossing Areas

Hi all,

I create and indicator that highlighted the moment previous to a crossing SMA and the moment afterwards. What is called “Golden Cross” and “Death Cross”

The indicator is very simple but an be very usefully for an automatic strategy. Because it shows in real time the moment where is inevitable the crossing of two Simple Moving Average and the moment afterwards.

How it can be used? well I can imagine an strategy using it as a filter for Higher Time Frame or multi crossing of SMA in different time frame.

Hope you like it.

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  1. Kris75 • 12/03/2018 #

    Hi Leo

    Line 2 period = 100 // => period002 right ?

  2. Leo • 12/03/2018 #

    Yeah. Inputs are period001 and period002. Strange… I think the post were edited. Anyway

  3. Carlos Garcia • 12/03/2018 #

    i think must check the code

  4. Leo • 12/03/2018 #

    Period001 and period002 are the inputs of the variables. When I update the code the fisrt two lines where not there. so you can delete them or directly import the ITF file.

  5. Leo • 12/03/2018 #

    By the way I create a very interesting strategy that look very nice even in walkforward test ( just tested in AUD/USD in 5min timeframe)


    //Period001= //from 10 to 40 step 10
    //Period002= //from 120 to 300 step 30
    //Period003= //from 10 to 40 step 10
    //Period004= //from 120 to 300 step 30
    //Pentry= // from 7 to 28 step 7
    //Kp= //from 1 to 2 step 0.5


    //Crossing areas definiton
    IF WMA001 > SMA002 and WwMA001 < SMA002 then
    IF WMA001 SMA002 then

    timeframe(1 hour, default)
    //Crossing areas definiton
    IF WMA003 > SMA004 and WwMA003 < SMA004 then
    IF WMA003 SMA004 then


    ONCE PXentry=round(0.6*Pentry)
    IF highest1 = highest1[PXentry] then
    IF high > Re1 then
    IF lowest1 = lowest1[PXentry] then
    If low 3 and hour<22 and DayOfWeek<=5 then
    // Bedingungen zum Einstieg in Long-Positionen
    IF NOT LongOnMarket AND CrossingBULL1=1 and CrossingBULL2=1 THEN
    stoploss=(close – S1)/pipsize +2*pipsize
    SET STOP PLOSS stoploss
    SET TARGET PPROFIT Kp*stoploss

    // Bedingungen zum Ausstieg von Long-Positionen
    If LongOnMarket AND CrossingBEAR1=1 THEN

    // Bedingungen zum Einstieg in Short-Positionen
    IF NOT ShortOnMarket AND CrossingBEAR1=1 and CrossingBEAR2=1 THEN
    stoploss=(Re1-close)/pipsize + 2*pipsize
    SET STOP PLOSS stoploss
    SET TARGET PPROFIT Kp*stoploss

    // Bedingungen zum Ausstieg aus Short-Positionen
    IF ShortOnMarket AND CrossingBULL1=1 THEN


  6. Stenozar • 12/03/2018 #

    Hi Leo, can you explain how the strategy works? I don’t know how to program and so it’s not easy for me to understand it by reading the code. THANKS!

  7. Leo • 12/03/2018 #

    Two SMA are crossing in a time frame (5min) while another 2 SMA are crossing in a higher Time Frame (1hour) stop loss is set to next support resistace.

  8. Stenozar • 12/03/2018 #

    Thanks Leo!

  9. Madrosat • 12/03/2018 #

    Hi Leo
    something is missing in the strategy above because it does not work at all as it is

  10. Leo • 12/03/2018 #

    I don’t know, I just copy paste the strategy. The optimisation of the values I wrote them in the code: line 3 to 8

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