Renko boxes on price chart

Renko boxes on price chart

This so called renko indicator is an attempt to draw renko boxes on the price chart itself. It uses only close price so if a new box appear, wait for the current candle to close before making any trading decision. I would make another instance of this renko indicator with high and low values of candles instead.


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  1. Mhingas • 10/14/2015 #

    Hi Nicolas,
    i’m new here at pro real code forum and I have just started using the software a week ago. So I’m still learning the coding language used to build custom indicators. I’m very much interested in Renko indicators as my strategy primarily uses them across multiple timeframes.In regards to the above indicator box setting, does it return the exact open to close range that a Renko brick with the same setting would return on any chart, for instance would a setting of 1 Renko  daily chart be equivalent to 0.01 box size on the above indicator. Did you build the high low version as well?. 
    Thanks for the indi.
    your assistance is very much appreciated.

    • Nicolas • 10/14/2015 #

      Hello Mhingas,
      The informations drawn by this indicator would be the same as a normal renko boxes candlestick representation. Of course renko bricks build begin at the very first price of the chart, so you would expect the same values as the platform renko bricks if the first price is the same (at barindex=0). I did not code the high/low one, I think you talk about the renko wiks?

  2. Mhingas • 10/14/2015 #

    Thank you very much 

  3. Nicolas • 10/14/2015 #

    I add the median renko bricks indicator on the library too, you can find it here :

  4. cedwimmer • 190 days ago #

    Hallo Nicolas! Vielen Dank für dieses Tool, eine kurze (wahrscheinlich einfache) Frage: Wie kann ich dein Renko Muster in den Chart zeichnen lassen? Bei mir macht sich immer unter dem Chart ein eigenes Fenster auf wo dein Renko dann gezeichnet wird. Liebe Grüße

  5. cedwimmer • 190 days ago #

    Hab es schon gefunden vielen Dank!:)

  6. guidocir • 18 hours ago #

    Hello Nicolas,
    I imported your code, but it doesn’t draw many boxes, but just a single one across the graph.
    What have I do to fix this issue?
    Many thanks,

    • Nicolas • 35 mins ago #

      It depends of your settings. Try to reduce the box size or to expand the units displayed.

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