Range Bound Channel Index (RBCI)

Range Bound Channel Index (RBCI)

Range Bound Channel Index (RBCI) is calculated by means of the channel (bandwidth) filter (CF).

Channel filter simultaneously fulfills two functions: removes low frequent trend formed by low frequent components of the spectrum; removes high frequency noise formed by the high frequent components of the spectrum.

When RBCI approaches its local maximum the prices approach upper border of the trading channel and when RBCI approach its local minimum the prices approach the lower border of the trading corridor. Let’s mark main property of RBCI index. This is quasi stationary (that is almost stationary) process bound by the frequency range both from above and below.

(New Adaptive Method of Following the Tendency and Market Cycles by Vladimir Kravchuk)


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  1. quini999 • 09/20/2018 #

    no me sale nada

  2. quini999 • 09/20/2018 #

    si me salio grafico

    • Nicolas • 09/20/2018 #

      ¿Lo siento? ¿Cuál es tu problema con este indicador?

  3. nicodelhay • 09/20/2018 #

    Bonjour Nicolas
    Merci pour votre indicateur.
    Avez-vous codé les autres indicateurs publiés dans le papier de Vladimir Kravchuk : FATL, SATL, RFTL, RSTL, … ?
    Très cordialement,

  4. nicodelhay • 09/20/2018 #

    Je viens de retrouver un post très intéressant de laurenzo mentionant ces indicateurs :

    • Nicolas • 09/20/2018 #

      En effet, je pense qu’ils sont présents dans cet indicateur de notre bibliothèque de codes pour ProRealTime: https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/average-filter-regression/

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