Phase change index (PCI)

Phase change index (PCI)

Phase change index by M.H. Pee as featured in TASC magazine.

Which phase is your market going through? Find out by using this indicator.

Prices at any time can be up, down, or unchanged. A period where market prices remain relatively unchanged is referred to as a consolidation. A period that witnesses relatively higher prices is referred to as an uptrend, while a period of relatively lower prices is called a downtrend.

The Phase Change Index (PCI) is an indicator designed specifically to detect changes in market phases.

The original indicator was not smoothed, in this version you can set a smoothing period to get a smoothed curve averaged with Jurik MA, easier to read (default is 30 periods). In the picture you can see a smoothed version (above) and the normal version (below).


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  1. skysoldier • 89 days ago #

    thank you for this code, I was wondering if it is compatible with thinkorswim at all?

    • Nicolas • 89 days ago #

      No, but you can ask for private coding job at our programming services.

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