Fractals Box

Fractals Box

This indicator represents the last levels of fractals with boxes allowing to trade the breakouts of these zones of supports and resistances.

Boxes are created on the fly at each new bar. The indicator using loops being prone to heavy calculation, I suggest you use only a relatively weak lookback period (parameter to be changed in the indicator window).

It is possible to modify the transparency of boxes using the variable “alpha”, located at 100 by default (maximum = 255).The boxes can be of different colors by adjusting the MaxPipsBox setting highlighting red boxes larger than MaxBoxPips.

The indicator has been converted from a Metatrader4 version following a request from someone in the corresponding forum.


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  1. swapping • 02/08/2018 #

    Toujours aussi prolifique Nicolas 😉 Ce sera donc du Darvas à la sauce Forex, excellent je prends …

  2. juanj • 02/08/2018 #

    Kinda reminds me of Renko Trading

  3. Real Pro • 339 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas, I’m having trouble changing the colours according to the instructions you gave. Could you explain please?

    • Nicolas • 339 days ago #

  4. matthieuatd • 104 days ago #

    Merci pour ce code il m’apporte beaucoup par contre est il possible que tu réalises une version qui remplace les boites par des segments?

    Merci d’avance, un fidèle de tes codes!!!


    • Nicolas • 104 days ago #

      Merci, faire une demande dans le forum approprié.

  5. Pere • 27 days ago #

    Thanks for this good indicator Nicolas.
    I would like to make the upper and lower limits more visible on the graph, and I change the last line “return” to “return price4, price12”, but unfortunately it draws both prices 2 bars later. Is there any way to draw both prices on the same bar than the rectangles?

    • Nicolas • 27 days ago #

      because fractals are known 2 bars later! that’s why I used rectangle to plot them in the past.

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