Ehlers – Adaptive Cyber Cycle

Ehlers – Adaptive Cyber Cycle


this is my first sharing in ProRealCode.

I’ve converted the Adaptive Cycle Indicator from TradingView, that was coded by LazyBear:

Feel free to contact me if you find bug or share the corrections.

Happy Trading.

This is the code for the indicator Adaptive Cyber Cycle:

You need also to code the function “[FN] MED” called in the script.

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  1. ALE • 06/01/2017 #

    Hello Pietro
    thanks for your code, could you suggest to use it?

  2. Pietro Fontana • 06/01/2017 #

    Hi Ale,
    the use is similar to other oscillator, mainly divergence.
    In this link you will find some graphical example from lazybear that explain pretty well the use:

  3. Pietro Fontana • 06/01/2017 #

    Hello people,
    i’ve made a little modification in the code for eliminate the function call. Now the indicator should work much faster.
    // @author Pietro Fontana
    // Kudos to LazyBear to made it in TradingView

    s = (src + 2*src[1] + 2*src[2] + src[3])/6.0
    if barindex < 7 then
    c = (src - 2*src[1] + src[2])/4
    ac = (src-2*src[1]+src[2])/4
    if barindex > 7 then
    c = ((1 - 0.5*a)*(1 - 0.5*a)*(s - 2*s[1] + s[2]) + 2*(1-a)*c[1] - (1 - a)*(1-a)*c[2])
    q1 = (.0962*c + 0.5769*c[2] - 0.5769*c[4] - .0962*c[6])*(0.5+.08*ip[1])
    I1 = c[3]
    if q1 <> 0 and q1[1] <> 0 then
    dp1 = (I1/q1 - I1[1]/q1[1]) / (1 + I1*I1[1]/(q1*q1[1]))
    dp1 = 0
    if dp1 < 0.1 then
    dp2 = 0.1
    if dp1 > 1.1 then
    dp2 = 1.1
    dp2 = dp1
    myFNMED1 = (dp2[2] + dp2[3] + dp2[4]) - min(dp2[2],min(dp2[3], dp2[4])) - max(dp2[2],min(dp2[3], dp2[4]))
    md = (dp2 + dp2[1] + myFNMED1) - min(dp2,min(dp2[1], myFNMED1)) - max(dp2,min(dp2[1], myFNMED1))
    if md = 0 then
    dc = 15
    dc = 6.28318 / md + 0.5
    ip = .33*dc + .67*ip[1]
    p = .15*ip + .85*p[1]
    a1 = 2/(p+1)
    ac = ((1-0.5*a1)*(1-0.5*a)*(s-2*s[1]+s[2])+2*(1-a1)*ac[1]-(1-a1)*(1-a1)*ac[2])
    t = ac[1]

    return ac as \"Adaptive Cyber Cycle\", t as \"ACC[1]\", 0 as \"0\"

    • Nicolas • 06/01/2017 #

      Very cool! Thanks a lot for the update! much appreciated 🙂

  4. johnb9999 • 06/01/2017 #

    Just a suggestion, not an expert, what happens if the barindex = 7

  5. Alai-n • 06/01/2017 #

    Hello … What does FN-MED mean exactly in the code complement? It is a mess to load the indicator!

    • Pietro Fontana • 06/01/2017 #

      Hi Alain,
      in the comment there’s a version that does not require the call function, and is more fast, but don’t expect good performance, prorealcode was not built with performance in mind.

  6. Alai-n • 06/01/2017 #

    Ok thank you Pietro…

  7. Halan • 06/01/2017 #

    thank you for the code.

    coded as per above, I encounter an error “unexpected character” (i.e. “ip” in line q1 = (.0962*c + 0.5769*c[2] – 0.5769*c[4] – .0962*c[6])*(0.5+.08*ip[1])

    i suspect that may be because it ( ip) has not been previously defined. can you help please??

    thank you

  8. Gianluca • 174 days ago #

    Hello there is a new version, is it possible to translate it?

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