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    It is a privilege to host on our website, Karen PELOILLE’s Ichimoku trading training videos.
    Having had several opportunities to work with Karen and follow her trading method, I am very happy to make it available on ProRealCode!

    The training content: 

    First of all, Karen PELOILLE will give a brief introduction to her personal presentation and her approach to trading thanks to the Ichimoku indicator.

    The second part of the course is a comprehensive training in the use of the Ichimoku trading method, the first to bring you all the necessary knowledge to successfully trade in the markets.

    With this training videos, Karen PELOILLE guides you through different levels of understanding in order to fully master this trading method:

    • simple principles of technical analysis
    • how the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator is constructed and why
    • how to read and understand all aspects of the indicator
    • how to analyze the market in different timeframes
    • how to analyze different financial instruments
    • analysis exercises with Ichimoku
    • how to create your trading plan
    • examples of real trades
    • trading tips for different markets and situations
    • examples of losing trades and why they did not work well
    • how to trade economic news with Ichimoku


    customer reviews


    Click here to go directly to the training videos: https://www.prorealcode.com/ichimoku-trading/

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    So by now if you are a newbie and have been trading for at least 6 months like me you should know that the ‘Holy Grail’ of trading simply doesn’t exist. However after scouring different literature and strategies i came upon Ichimoku which i found to be very simple and yet effective. The only problem was that all the material i came upon was either just pure theoretical or not detailed enough to equip for effective analysis.

    Then i came across Karen via twitter. . . oh boy to say the least i will say my trading life literally took a 360 turn. She was so friendly and welcoming to a newbie like me and literally took me step by step. After reading her book (which i recommend to anyone who is serious about ICH) she then advised me to take the training course.
    For me this course is all that anyone from newbie to experienced trader would need to take on the markets with ICH. It solved two problems i was having with other ICH material i.e practicality and microscopic detail.
    Karen in this course takes you through the theory and makes sure you understand the fundamental building blocks of ICH. Then she goes through trading examples where you are able to see ICH in use and this together with the book imprints into you mind the concepts right down to the last minute details.
    I recommend if you are half bit serious about trading with ICH to read Karen’s book 1st then take this course, read the book again then take the course again, do it again at least 3 times then go back to your charts. You will see a whole new world and perspective, areas of resistance and support you never would have thought about suddenly appear crystal clear right before your eyes through Multi-time frame cloud imposition.

    So in conclusion ICH via Karens method might not be the ‘Holy Grail’ but for me that is the closest it will come in terms of comprehensive analysis then high probability trading!!


    Does this training include all three components of the Ichimoku theory as intended by Hosoda Goichi?

    In other words Price Theory, Wave Theory and Number Theory

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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