Average Filter Regression

Average Filter Regression

This indicator has 66 types of moving averages and digital filters in the same program. The type of moving average can be changed at will in parameters using “MAtype”. The period can also be adapted to your needs.

0. Ahrens Moving Average
1. Adjustable Lag FIR
2. Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
3. 2-Pole Butterworth Smoothing Filter
4. 3-Pole Butterworth Smoothing Filter
5. Corrected Moving Average by A.Uhl
6. d9 Unscented Kalman Filter (Responsiveness Version)
7. d9 Unscented Kalman Filter
8. Double Exponential Moving Average
9. Exponential Least Square Moving Average
10. Exponential Moving Average
11. Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average
12. Fast Adaptive Trend Line
13. Fractional-Bar Quick Moving Average
14. Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
15. Generalized DEMA
16. 1-Pole Gaussian Filter
17. 2-Pole Gaussian Filter
18. 3-Pole Gaussian Filter
19. 4-Pole Gaussian Filter
20. Hull Moving Average
21. IE/2 Combination of LSMA and ILRS
22. Integral of Linear Regression Slope
23. iTrend by John Ehlers
24. Jurik Moving Average (Responsiveness Version)
25. Jurik Moving Average
26. Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
27. Kalman Filter by John Ehlers
28. Kalman Filter (Responsiveness Version)
29. Kalman Filter
30. Leader Exponential Moving Average
31. Laguerre Filter by John Ehlers
32. Least Square Moving Average
33. McGinley Dynamic
34. Middle High Low Range Moving Average
35. McNicholl Moving Average
36. Non Lag Moving Average (Responsiveness Version)
37. Non Lag Moving Average
38. One More Average
39. Pentuple Exponential Moving Average
40. Parabolic Weighted Moving Average
41. Quadruple Exponential Moving Average
42. Regularized EMA by Chris Satchwell
43. Reference Fast Trend Line
44. Reference Slow Trend Line
45. Slow Adaptive Trend Line
46. Simple Moving Average
47. 2-Pole Super Smoothing Filter
48. 3-Pole Super Smoothing Filter
49. Smoothed Simple Moving Average
50. Sine Weighted Moving Average
51. T3 Moving Average
52. Triple Exponential Moving Average
53. Triangular Moving Average
54. Time Series Average
55. Variable Index Dynamic Average
56. Variable Moving Average
57. Volume Weighted Average Price
58. Wilder Moving Average
59. Weighted Least Square Moving Average
60. Weighted Moving Average
61. Zero Lag BMT
62. Zero Lag Double Exponential Moving Average
63. Zero Lag FIR Filter
64. Zero Lag IIR Filter
65. Zero Lag John Ehlers
66. Zero Lag Weighted BMT

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  1. supertiti • 06/12/2017 #

    Felicidades Laurenzo d’avoir pris le temps pour ce gros travail et en plus dans l’esprit du site PRC
    Bons trades et merci pour l’ouverture d’esprit

  2. gatarayihajp • 06/12/2017 #

    It’s very interesting indicator. Could you explain more about it? Thank a lot

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